We offer a variety of whole-body movement classes suited to all abilities and conditions. Regardless of your motivation, and because you need to keep moving through your entire life not just when you’re injured or in an exercise class.

If you are new to Pilates or new to our studio, then the Getting Started Package is for you!. Your introduction to movement classes begins with a series of 4 private sessions. In these sessions we will:

1) Address your fitness and functional goals

2) Perform a Movement Screening and identify your unique movement patterns

3) Teach you correct form and safety precautions

4) Acquaint you with the equipment and how to adjust it for your needs

Your 4 private sessions are combined with 4 classes into a Getting Started Pilates Package for $295 (a $440 value)

If you are unsure about whether you are appropriate for Pilates or have questions about our services, please contact the studio.

We can customize your movement experience beyond classes or Physical Therapy. Private or semi-private sessions are also available.

Pilates Equipment Classes

Reformer or Combo (Mat and Reformer)

Reformer for Reconditioning

This class is open to all levels and is designed
for students with pain, pathology, recent
surgery or activity limitations. This class is
moderately paced so you have ample time to
practice essential movement principals and
learn helpful functional activities on the
Pilates Reformer.


Pilates Fundamentals

This class explores the fundamental princi-
ples of core strength, control, spinal stability
and spinal mobility so you can begin to
improve your skills in all areas of function.
This class uses a variety of Pilates equipment
such as the Reformer, mat, and small props.


Reformer or Combo 1

All of our classes explore Pilates principles
and help you gain more understanding of
your body. Level 1 classes are paced to allow
time for learning integrated body movements.
Combo Classes combine Mat and Reformer.


Reformer or Combo 2

Level 2 classes build on the Pilates principles
from Combo 1 and Reformer 1 and challenge
you to integrate more complexity into whole
body movements. Concepts such as precision,
concentration, coordination and flow of mov-
ement are highlighted in a faster-paced sett-
ing using the Reformer/Reformer and Mat.


Reformer 3

Reformer 3 is a well-balanced, body-mind
workout using the versatile Studio Reformers.
It builds from Reformer/Combo 2 and will
challenge anyone from the casual exerciser
to cross-training athletes. This class is not
appropriate if you have pain from injury, or
low bone density (Osteoporosis/Osteopenia).


Jumpboard Reformer 3

Jumpboard is a great way to add some variety
to your Pilates training while challenging your
core, legs and coordination. The 20-30 minute
jump routine is incorporated into a full
Reformer class, giving you the benefit of
raising your heart-rate while still getting all the great effects you expect from Pilates.


Pilates Mat With Small
Props 1

Mat work with ring, roller, balls, bands, MOTR, Barre, Orbit, Step Barrel

This fun Level 1 class combines mat Pilates with props such as the ring, roller, balls, bands, MOTR, Barre, Orbit, Step Barrel. The use of props improves your internal feedback and awareness, prompting you to self-correct and find optimal alignment and movement patterns.



The CoreAlign is a unique piece of equipm-
ent that challenges balance, stability, coord-
ination and core strength. Most exercises are
done in an upright position on two moving
platforms, giving you a more functional work-
out than Pilates. There are a wide variety of
exercises and ways to use this equipment,
surprising even the most seasoned exercisers!
Beginners, regular Pilates practitioners, and
athletes alike will all gain benefits from


MOTR-Heads 2

More Than A Roller

MOTR is More Than a Roller {or Movement On
The Roller}. It’s a mobile piece of equipment
combining the familiar foam roller with resist-
ance. MOTR is perfect for those who take
level 2 classes or above, and adds a more
intense balance challenge to exercises you
may think you’ve mastered. The MOTR
gives you instant internal feedback and helps
you really tune in to find optimal alignment
and movement, making you stronger and
more efficient in all you do.